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Coconut Palace in the Phillippines

This cultural site was commissioned by the former first lady Imelda Marcos for Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1981. Coconut Palace is a showcase of the versatility of the coconut tree (70 % of the house is constructed from different parts of the coconut tree). It contains 7 suites after the lucky number seven, and named after a specific region in the country. This cultural landmark is shaped liked a octagon, after the shape given to coconuts before being served, and the roof is shaped like salakot or traditional Filipino hat.

Some of the highlights of the Coconut Palace aside from the spectacular view are the 101 coconut shell chandelier and a dining table made of 40,000 tiny pieces of inlaid coconut shells. It is also a museum that has a butterfly garden and an orchidarium. Located at the CCP complex at Roxas Boulevard, the Coconut Palace is a must see for tourist since it depicts the architectural and interior styles of the Filipino.

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