The Oasis Paco Park Hotel - Paco, Metro Manila, 1007, Philippines

Paco Park Manila

5 mins away from The Oasis Paco Park Hotel Manila is the historical Paco Park. Dubbed as one of the most beautiful parks in Manila and in the Philippines, Paco Park is a national park and cemetery located in the center of Metro Manila. The park was designed by Nicolas Ruiz and was originally intended to be a cemetery for aristocratic Spanish families during the 1800s. It was converted into a national park in 1966 and those who were buried in the park were transferred by their descendants.

It was here that Dr. Jose P. Rizal was buried by the Spaniards after his execution in Luneta. A plaque marks the place and reads, “JOSE RIZAL – Executed 30 December, 1896, interred secretly in this spot by authorities on the same day. Remains exhumed 17 August 1912, laid beneath the monument at the Luneta.”

Paco Park is also the final resting place of Mario Gomez, Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora, three priests that were executed by the Spanish in 1872 for their participation in an uprising against Spain.

What makes Paco Park aesthetically unique and beautiful is its circular structure. An inner circular wall contains niches that were used as tombs. A second wall was built with think adobe walls hollowed as niches and the top of the walls were made into pathways for promenades. At the back of the park, the chapel of San Pancratius was built, and is now a popular venue for weddings and receptions for couples who prefer garden-like settings. Paco Park also hosts free concerts where a dreamlike setting is set for an intimate musical soiree every Friday at 6:00 P.M. called “Paco Park Presents”. Every year Paco Park celebrates its anniversary during the month of February.

Well-trimmed grass lawns and plants, flowers, century old acacia and frangipani trees, a couple benches and a large fountain in the middle of it all, Paco Park is a magnificent place in Manila to gather and recollect your thoughts, spend a relaxing time with the family or a romantic escape for lovers.

If you’re staying at The Oasis Paco Park Hotel in Manila, whether for a business trip or vacation, you’ll only be a stone’s throw away from Paco Park. Take in all the history and beauty behind one of the most beloved parks in the Philippines.

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